About “The Darkest Corners Of My Mind”

Posted on May 2, 2011


This blog

This is not a blog about your normal teenage concerns. It will not talk about clothes, makeup, hair, boys or anything else. The Darkest Corners Of My Mind is not a pretty story, it is in fact a dark blog about one of the strongest enemies we have today: depression. Here I will write about my own personal experience with depression, how I pushed it away yet sometimes feel my strength leave me and my body go numb with pain and selfloating. I will not write every day, but if there at some point are people reading this blog, do not feel sad or disappointed. If there is a lack of posts, be instead glad. It will mean that I for one more day pushed away the old feeling of dread that once pulsed through my veins in a steady beat, sometimes quicker than my heartbeat and other times slower. An uncontrollable feeling that I could not shake no more than I could move the sun or pluck away the stars.

The person

I will never tell you my name, nor show you my face. This is for self-preservation, my instinct of survival is too strong for me to bare both my heart and soul as well as my face. It is a fear of mine that I would once more end up in a ball, curled up under my duvet in the darkness, crying my heart out and blackening my pillow with black, salty tears. At the worst, that was a reality ninty percent of the time. I have no wish of returning to that point in life.

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